Нова доставка за месец Април


Новите продукти които очакваме да пристигнат следващия месец са набор от различни полупороводникови елементи, ключета, потенциометри и други. Подходящи както за начинаещи навлизащи в електрониката, така и за напреднали. Всички те идват в удобна пластмасова кутия.

1Metal Film Resistor Assortment kit Led Diode Electrolytic Capacitor Ceramic Transistor Pack Electronic Component Kit for Program
2250Pcs/lot 10 value Tiny Miniature PCB SMD Surface Mount Momentary Button Micro Tactile Reset Push Switch for Car keys Camera
3840Pcs/lot 24 value 3Pins TO-92 NPN PNP Power General Purpose Transistors with Assortment Kit 2N2222 3904 3906 C945 BC327 BC337
4180Pcs/lot 10 sizes 6x6mm SMD tact push button small tactile momentary switch for a project repair replace Assortment Kit
5100Pcs/lot 10 Values Variable Resistor 500R To 1M RM065 Carbon Film Horizontal Trim pot Potentiometer
6Base Electronic Accessories Components Starter Kit Resistor Capacitor for R3
7Electronic Component Hardware Basic Starter Kit with 830 points Breadboard Resistor Capacitor LED Potentiometer
8500Pcs/lot 0.1UF-1000UF 24Values 16-50V Mix Assorted storage Radial Leads Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
9200pcs/lot Radial capacitors pack 15Values 10V 16V 25V 50V 0.1uF-220uF Electrolytic Capacitor 0.22uf 2.2uf 100uf
1045Pcs/lot 2 54mm Pitch 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Channel Way On Off Slide Type DIL Flat Dial Switch Red DIP Toggle Switch
1110A 12V 24V 220VAC Digital LED Temperature Controller XH-W3001 For Incubator Cooling Heating Switch Thermostat with NTC Sensor
12AC 220V 4000W High Power controller LED light lamp bulb dimmer
13Multifunctional Soldering Station Third Hand Tool With 3 Flexible Arms Soldering Iron Holder for RC Model repair